Hi there, I'm Allison

I’m a San Francisco based wedding + portrait photographer who is real in love with love stories.

I’m a California native who fell in love with a British foreign exchange student in college, moved to London for two years to marry my love, and now we’re back home in California and loving it. I wrote a whole blog post all about how I got started in photography so if you’re interested you can check it out here

I love being surrounded by trees, long hikes, chai lattes, The Office (American > British version always), s’mores, and lazy days at home with my husband. To see more personal photos of my life and the trips I’ve taken, check them out here.

I’ve been a photographer for over two years now and absolutely love it. This is genuinely my passion and I hope that love I have for this profession comes across in my photos. I’m all about meaningful photos that you want to pass down to future generations and that capture your true personalities. 

My Style

I totally understand that being in front of the camera can be pretty nerve wracking for a lot of people. My goal is to make it as fun and relaxed as possible. I’m not going to put you in any awkward prom poses or do anything too contrived. I want to capture you. Unique, quirky and wonderful you. I aim to capture those real, natural moments that make you feel something when you look at them. 

I’m naturally a pretty shy person so I’m never going to be shouting commands at you or making myself the center of attention. Especially for wedding photography I find it super important that you feel comfortable with me and at times forget I’m even there. Whether it’s a portrait shoot or a wedding day, I want you to come away from it with photos that truly reflect you and your personalities and in order to do that I like to just let you be you in front of the camera. 

My editing style is warm and deep and simple. I’m not a fan of super edited photos but rather prefer to just enhance the natural beauty and let the photos naturally speak for themselves. Being back in California has made me fall in love with golden hour all over again so you can expect lots of warm, golden and creamy photos! 


  • Do you edit each photo? Yes! I’m super picky when it comes to editing so I hand edit each photo. Like I said above, I don’t do too much to the photos but definitely play around with colors and temperature to give them my signature look.

  • We’re so awkward in front of the camera! Do you help pose us? Don’t worry! Rarely do I get clients who walk up to the shoot totally confident about being photographed. I’m the same way myself so I’m very aware of what it’s like to not know what to do when being photographed. I prefer to direct you, rather than pose. This means I’ll have you do certain activities (for example walk around together) this way you have direction and know what to do but you still get to be yourself and not forced into some stiff pose. I try to have as much fun as possible during my shoots so there’s usually lots of laughter and goofy activities.

  • Are you available for travel or destination weddings? Yes for sure. Although I’m located in the Bay Area I’m always open to travelling for work. I do have travel fees for anything that’s outside of the Bay Area but just contact me to find out more.

  • Did you go to school for photography? I did! For a little over a year. My blog post on how I got started in photography goes into more detail on this. You can find it here.

  • How far in advance should we book you? Ideally 9 months or more for a wedding since summer is typically wedding season and my weekends get filled up pretty quickly! Engagement and portrait shoots can usually be booked pretty quickly especially if they’re not during summer. But just contact me to find out more about my availability.

  • Do you work with an assistant? An assistant typically isn’t needed. I like to work efficiently and always arrive at every shoot with a game plan. Occasionally I’ll bring my very loyal and trustworthy assistant (my husband) to help me out a bit. If you’re planning a bigger wedding or wanting to have a second shooter that can always be done as well.

  • We want to book you! What’s your booking process like? I usually like to get to know you first and find out as much as possible about what you have planned and also give you a chance to ask any other questions you may have. We can FaceTime or get a coffee to go over plans and make sure you’re totally informed about my services. And then if you’re ready to book I send over my booking form and once I receive the signed copy as well as a 20% booking fee, you’re all set! 

More questions? Fill out my contact form — I’d love to chat!