Autumnal Wedding Shoot / Pacifica, CA


Before diving deep into the wedding industry I wanted to make sure that my business, my work and my approach toward clients were inclusive and properly representative of all couples. 

Most of the time when I’m scrolling through instagram and looking at wedding photos, I see the same types of couples. Don’t get me wrong, the photos, and the people in them, are absolutely beautiful and they deserve all the credit they get. But the fact of the matter is, this is not at all what everyone will look like on their wedding day. It’s time we see more variation and show off everyone’s beauty, because there’s so much beauty in the world that just isn’t being shown. 

I had decided during Autumn that I wanted to pull together a little mini styled shoot. The light, the temperature and scenery in California is just perfect in those few months so I wanted to take full advantage of it. My wonderful, lovely and stunning cousin Ben had been my model once before when I was in photography school and I loved working with them. 

Ben is queer and transgender. They rock whatever clothing they put on, they can make you laugh with their wonderful dark sense of humor, and they can also sit and talk about all your deepest feelings with you in such a calm and reassuring way. When I spoke to Ben about my vision for this shoot and why I wanted to do it they were happy to help. I was also insanely lucky to team up with Marlise from Glossed Studios who loved the concept and inspiration behind the shoot and provided amazing hair and makeup. I barely had to tell her what I envisioned and she delivered a look that was even better than I imagined. Please, please check out her business here

We made our way to a trail up in Pacifica that overlooked the ocean. Being able to photograph Ben, in that place was a privilege. Being in front of the camera is never easy but Ben was effortless and natural. Their beauty defies all gender norms and it’s time we see more of that.

Here’s a little note from Ben about our shoot:  “Being able to do this shoot outdoors felt so natural and healing for me. As a non-binary person, it’s often times in built, human environments that I feel most restricted in my expression and way of being. There’s so much social pressure to perform a certain type of beauty.

I had some reservations about doing a wedding shoot because to many people, my trans identity doesn’t register - I find myself having to come out all the time. But being able to do this shoot outside, I felt safe enough to explore and express myself fully. Allie made it easy for me to wade through masculinity and femininity in a playful way, and I never felt like my identity was jeopardized in the process.”

Not every bride and groom looks the same. Maybe you don’t even like the words bride and groom. Maybe you don’t want to wear white, you don’t want to have a formal ceremony or you don’t really want a “wedding” at all. That’s all ok! You do you, and know that I’m working to show off more couples that don’t fit into that stereotypical mold (and if you do — that’s great too!). There’s so much beauty out there and I want to capture it all. 

Enjoy xx

Allison Krebs