Boying + Tin / London, England


Well, it finally happened. It rained on one of my photoshoots. I had somehow escaped the rain for all my shoots in London but knew this was bound to happen. And I LOVED it. There were less people walking in the streets and the rain accentuated London's neutral tones so well. Boying and Tin were amazing and weren't phased even a bit by the wet weather. It was actually Boying's birthday the day of the shoot which he nonchalantly mentioned to me just as we were leaving. They were so, so kind and easy going. 

We started off in Trafalgar Square and we luckily timed it just right to where it was practically empty. We then made our way down the Mall and stopped off in St James Park to see all the daffodils planted for spring. Next was London Bridge to get the iconic Tower Bridge in the background and then off to St Paul's cathedral after stopping into one of my favorite London coffee shops, Host Cafe. 

I always love having time to wander around London with clients, especially if they're visiting on vacation as Boying and Tin were. I basically feel as if I'm their paparazzi on their romantic vacation which doesn't get much better than that.


Enjoy xx 


Allison Krebs