Alyssa + Patrick Engagements / London, England


Alyssa and I had followed each other on social media for a while as we were both Americans living in London. When I moved back to the US in June she reached out to me asking for recommendations for photographers to capture her engagement photos. When I said that I was actually taking a quick trip back to London in August we were so happy that I was able to do her engagement photos while I was back.

I loved photographing another American/British couple and talking about the countless flights we’ve done back and forth, the horrible visa processes, and learning to make friends in a new, foreign city.

You can tell right away Alyssa and Patrick are genuinely best friends which made it so fun to photograph them. The shoot took place in East London near Spitalfields, Leadenhall Market and then finally we headed to Temple near the Thames.

It was the perfect shoot to end my time photographing couples in London.


Allison Krebs