Sam + Rebekah Wedding / Santa Barbara, CA


Ah Sam and Rebekah. My dream couple. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about these two -- their calm nature, their love for each other and each other's families, and their brilliant senses of humor. Sam and Rebekah wanted their wedding to be relaxing, fun and low key. They both got ready at a family member's home in Santa Barbara which was hands down my dream home. They spent the morning laughing with friends, eating snacks, and Sam auctioned off some pokemon cards to his best friends (every successful wedding does this). Everyone then carpooled to Santa Claus Beach where Sam's brother married them under a driftwood arch with the Pacific Ocean in the background. Everyone crowded around them and at one point I stepped behind the alter and got to see every single person looking at them with love in their eyes. After the ceremony there was lots of hugging and kissing and happy tears before the three of us took some time for portraits on the beautiful beach. 

The reception was held at the Old Mission within the rose gardens and featured a taco chef and homemade desserts. Everyone set up beach umbrellas and towels and lounged in the California sun. It was beautiful and warm and inviting. I'm so glad Rebekah and I were able to connect and they chose me to photograph their day. They're such a special couple and I wish them all the best.

Enjoy xx

Allison Krebs