Jocelyn + Matthew Engagements / Monterey, CA


Jocelyn and Matthew were on a road trip throughout California when they decided to take their engagement photos while over here. We immediately decided on Monterey/Big Sur area as the location is seriously stunning and so unique looking. When Jocelyn walked out in her dress I immediately knew exactly who the designer was and wanted to go out and buy the same exact one (despite the fact that I have absolutely nothing to wear it to). They both looked so elegant and classy yet were still totally fine with climbing down the cliffs and getting their feet muddy.

One thing I do miss about London is meeting people from all over the world so it was a pleasure to spend time chatting with them about their life back in Singapore.

I was seriously freaking out the whole shoot from excitement over how the photos were turning out. The lighting, weather, their outfits — everything was perfect. So honored they chose me to be their engagement photographer.


Allison Krebs