Stacey + Kirill / San Francisco, CA


Stacey and Kirill were seriously so much fun to photograph. They were energetic, playful and really down for anything I asked them to do.

So I’ve known Stacey for longer than I can even remember. We played soccer together, were in girl scouts together, went through our awkward braces stage together, and stayed up late studying for the SATs together. Because I’ve been spending the past few years traveling back and forth between England and California, I haven’t really had many chances to catch up with old friends from my hometown. So when I had an opportunity to photograph Stacey with her love, I jumped on the chance.

Stacey and Kirill are so obviously best friends as well as lovers. This always makes for a fun shoot as sometimes I’ll have couples compete in little games so it’s always funny to see two people so comfortable and competitive with one another. Their love is kind and full of humor which honestly makes the best relationships. I’m thrilled I was able to capture it.


Allison Krebs