Stephanie + Didier Engagements / San Francisco, CA


I’ve said it a million times before but I’ll say it again — seeing a couple relax and feel comfortable in front of my camera is the absolute best thing to witness. Stephanie and Didier (like pretty much 99% of my couples) said they were nervous to be in front of the camera and wanted to make sure I’d give them plenty of direction. About ten minutes into the shoot the three of us were laughing hysterically at Stephanie’s “slow motion run” that I had her do and from there it was easy sailing.

Getting to meet and get to know couples like Stephanie and Didier through my work is such a privilege. They’re genuinely people I’d want to hang out with so being able to photograph their love is the greatest. Their wedding venue is one I’ve been to plenty of times but have never actually photographed a wedding there and I am so. freaking. excited.

Thank you Stephanie and Didier for being the easiest couple to get to know and feel like I was just hanging out with. I can’t wait for the wedding.


Allison Krebs