Anjali + Sufi / San Francisco, CA


So, when I offered my Valentine’s Giveaway I clearly had a really hard time choosing just one couple to photograph — so I ended up choosing two! I immediately connected with Anjali and Sufi as they’re a couple that’s been through long distance and now Sufi has moved across the country to be with Anjali. We had so much in common and as Sufi’s move was fairly recent I felt it was a great time for them to document this time in their lives.

It was a rainy day in SF but that didn’t bother them at all. We headed to the Mission District since they spend a fair amount of time there and wandered down Clarion Alley which has been a favorite place of mine for years. I loved that they were playful and didn’t take themselves too seriously - they were totally open to having their love captured exactly how it is in real life.

Afterwards we headed to an outside market that they shop at which was perfect timing because it started to pour just as we got there. I barely gave them any direction so that everything felt natural and similar to their day to day routine.

I love that this giveaway connected me with two amazing couples who were so effortless to photograph. Another will be happening soon!


Allison Krebs