Carson + Stephanie Proposal / Napa, CA


Carson is someone who I have pretty much known my whole life. When I met him I was around two years old and he was only a few months old. We’ve been in each other’s lives ever since as our parents are close friends and we used to live down the street from one another.

When his parents asked me to photograph his proposal I was shocked. Carson?! But he’s just a kid! I then realized, oh wait he’s a full grown adult now. It’s sort of like having a younger sibling that no matter how old they get you always think of them as a little kid.

To be there to witness this moment as well as photograph it was incredibly special. Proposals are always amazing to photograph and I always feel so lucky to be able to capture them, but of course this one was especially important because of how long I’ve known him.

He proposed at the Castello Di Amorosa winery in Napa which literally feels like you’re in the middle of Tuscany. I waited at the top of the tower and pretended to be a tourist taking photos when he got down on his knee. Luckily there was no one else up there so they had the space to themselves and it felt even more romantic.

Stephanie of course said yes and there were plenty of happy tears and big hugs. We wandered around the winery a bit longer and had a tasting before I left them to enjoy and celebrate the rest of their night.

I’m so so happy for them and the many amazing times ahead for them.


Allison Krebs