Kristen + Eddie Engagements / Point Reyes, CA


Oh boy — these two. I usually try to keep my shoots pretty lighthearted and fun as most people get quite nervous in front of a camera so it’s always more enjoyable when it’s a bit more playful. And then I get couples like Kristen and Eddie that have me laughing the wholllleeee entire time. They both have such good senses of humor which made it soo fun to hang out with them and photograph their relationship.

When I first spoke to Kristen on the phone I asked where she wanted her engagement photos done. I said don’t worry about it being in a certain location — tell me if there’s a spot you’ve always thought would look beautiful for this at which point she said she’s always thought Point Reyes would look amazing for photos. And I was sooo down. It’s such an interesting and stunning part of the California coast with so many beautiful areas to explore.

I’m incredibly excited for their wedding in October because if their family/friends are half as fun as they are then it’s sure to be a good time. So lucky they chose me to be their photographer!


Allison Krebs