Rachel + Cameron / Newport Beach, CA


This day was seriously magical. It was pouring down rain all day in Newport and I kept checking in with Rachel to make sure they were ok to go ahead with the shoot. A little rain never bothers me but making sure my clients are comfortable is always most important. Rachel and Cameron were still happy to shoot in the rain and weren’t bothered one bit.

When we arrived at the pier it was still raining but the second we stepped out of our cars the rain cleared and a perfectly clear, bright rainbow was right over us. We ended up having that warm southern California light that I love so much.

Rachel was actually one of the first people I met in college and she’s still just as lovely and captivating as she was back then. Seeing her so in love and happy with Cameron was such a treat.

Our shoot was relaxed and fun and down to earth. No fancy outfit changes or deeply serious poses. Just lots of playing around on the beach and big, big smiles. These are some of my favorite kinds of shoots because it allows me to capture couples how they truly are when alone together.


Allison Krebs