Stacy + Jason Engagements / San Francisco, CA


So I know I’ve said this sooo many times before but I really do luck out with the couples that hire me. Stacy and Jason were so calm and chilled out and excited to have some photos that capture their sweet and playful love. They opted for the shoot to take place at Sutro Baths as it’s suchhh a good spot for golden hour. The time I spent with them flew by as we wandered around and chatted. At one point I asked them to do a classic ‘run and jump into his arms’ move at which point Stacy basically body slammed into Jason and the three of us couldn’t stop laughing after. I loved hearing about how they grew up right down the road from one another and are now working on all their wedding plans.

Such a privilege to get to know them and capture their relationship.


Allison Krebs