Kim + Steven / Lake Tahoe, CA


If these two lovebirds look familiar that’s probably because you saw I photographed their proposal back in September. We had done some photos right after the proposal but when Kim asked if I’d be up for taking some more up in Tahoe I was soooo down. I’d never done a shoot in the snow before but was hoping I’d get to soon and the snow up in Tahoe was starting to melt so we wanted to take advantage of it as soon as possible. We had another 5am wake up call for this shoot and was rewarded with the most amazing morning light at Donner Pass. It almost made me want to start doing more early morning shoots. The scenery was so gorgeous that we decided to have the two of them wear their more dressier outfits. So Kim braved wearing a sleeveless dress in the snow in the early morning hours — but don’t worry she was still wearing her Nike’s under the dress.

We ended up spending pretty much the whole day driving around Tahoe as they took me to all of their favorite spots. I was still incredibly sleepy so I can’t quite remember the names of all the places we went to but what an amazing day it was.

These two are practically family and some of the only people I’d happily wake up so early for. So glad I got to experience shooting in the snow — I will definitely be doing it more often next season.


Allison Krebs