Zoe + Jordan Engagements / San Francisco, CA


Zoe is someone I have known since I was a teenager. We went to the same high school and were on the Yearbook staff together. We’d spend the majority of our time in class online shopping, joking around and talking about all our celebrity crushes (we always chose celebrities with accents). Flash forward 8 years later and we’ve both lived abroad and came back with foreign partners with accents — can’t say I'm surprised.

When she reached out about photographing her and Jordan before their upcoming Australian wedding I was more than happy to do it. It was so great to see Zoe again and pick up right where we left off. Her and Jordan compliment each other so well and made each other laugh throughout the whole shoot.

Added bonus was when they walked up she was holding her brand new puppy Yuki who was such a dream. I really do love all my shoots but this was one in particular where it just really didn’t feel like work at all.


Allison Krebs